I hate this

Oh God!! I hate when am trying to work on a new stuff, project, idea or any program and crazy things like the system hanging, the whole file deletes or magically disappears, it seems like my IQ is failing me, everything it just so wrong, nobody loves that and at times we just want to give up, we feel discouraged, sometimes we say words like “am so not doing this”

Its okay to feel frustrated, but its not okay to quit! , look the more it fails, and causes you to start afresh, it gives you more ideas, and you find out things you didn’t even take note on the first attempt. You don’t have to give up on your project or idea, cause that’s what makes you!

You don’t quit especially if its an idea you got, and trying to put it down, discouragement is bound to occur cause its your idea, the profit, loss, or anything that comes out of it is for you to shoulder, quitting is like running away from your responsibility.

Don’t give up, don’t be discouraged, the world is waiting for you.

How to make people confide in you

Often times, we see people share their problems or dreams with others, and we think it’s irrelevant to sit and listen to other people’s problems or whatever that might be bothering them, and we feel okay if they don’t share with us. Its not okay!! if people don’t get to share their ideas with you, as a human you should always have what to say to people or an idea to give be productive and constructive. Do friends not share ideas or problems with you? Its okay cause I will list ways to make people confide in you

  1. Be accommodating: you don’t expect people to talk to you, if you are too uptight, you don’t smile, be social. Talk to friends when necessary, get to know things about them.
  2. Be sensitive: you should always know when someone is moody, try and understand people’s facial look, and ask questions.
  3. Persistent: some individuals don’t always answer the first question “what is wrong with you? Their answer is always “nothing”, of course there is something, ask the second and third time, if they still remain adamant, then you can now give up with these words “you know you can always tell me anything”.
  4. Share your experiences: if I know that similar thing has happened to you or you know who it has happened to, I will feel better telling you mine, cause I feel that you would be in the best position to advice me
  5. Don’t always be judgmental: first it’s not right to judge quick, hear from the person,try putting yourself in the person’s shoes, see from his\her perspective before you open your mouth to talk, if you are always quick to talk nobody will come and tell you anything.
  6. Be sincere: say the truth, if people find out that you have been lying to them, it shatters the emotional being, and it won’t only stop the person from sharing things with you, it also makes the person withdrawn from people
  7. Have something to offer: when you must have tried out the above steps, you should also have something to say, even if you don’t have the answer, research it and give a concrete answer.

Why you need not to rush

Don’t rush into things, because you feel that your mates are ahead, or you feel that time is no longer on your side, it would be better if you take your time and get what you want, than to rush into what you don’t understand or love.

Because you don’t love it, you will always struggle in it, cause its not flowing from you. There is this inner joy and contentment you feel when you are doing what you love, it gives you boldness and you do it with ease.

Even if your mates are way ahead of you, or that age is not on your side, it doesn’t matter, keep your pace till you get yours cause those people you liken yourself with, are doing their passion and they love it but you are just their confused because its not what you want, nobody is counting the years for you, and nobody will be their when you fail. Don’t go into things you don’t love or understand

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Awake but Asleep

We all wake up with a mind filled with expectations, we have plans laid out in front of us hoping to be achieved that day, there is always a list of what we want to do for the day, but the question is, do we end up getting those dreams accomplished?

You might have thought, why is it that I don’t accomplish what i have laid down to accomplish, don’t be too sad cause the answer is here with you.

You don’t see it as a priority , even if you see it as that, you don’t make it a priority, when we don’t see things important, we tend to act indifferently towards it. Wake up in the morning say to yourself I want to finish this my project today, set aside every other thing, let your mind be focused on the task ahead of you, build this mindset that I must get it done before I do another thing, block away any procrastination mindset, say to yourself “I must get it all today” and when you start it don’t be distracted.

Why we don’t get our task completed each day

  1. We are easily distracted
  2. We procrastinate
  3. We don’t see it as a priority
  4. we have this mindset of “I won’t kill myself in this
  5. We don’t really know what we want.

You got it wrong

I was wondering, why do teenagers find it difficult to open up to their parents and guardians about their sexual life, and I came up with this interesting facts that you should know. Explore this page and know where you have got it wrong.

Why teenagers find it difficult to share

  1. You don’t want to be part of their life: being part of their lives, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will bug them, or pry into their privacy, but you can try other means by knowing what’s happening in their life, make them free with you, by discussing and chatting with them, you are actually walking your way into their hearts.
  2. Not wanting to be updated: when they have started telling you things, ask questions, and on certain bases, try knowing the outcome of what you discussed with them like “what’s up with that your friend we talked about” when you do this, you are making them feel loved and valued, that you have their interests at heart.
  3. being quick to judge: everyone needs to be loved. Allow them say it out, hear their excuses, let them shift the blame, let them give reasons for doing it, then you can now correct lovingly, tell from your experience, and correct them from their excuses
  4. Assuming they are too young to talk about it: your time and theirs are not same, we are in computerised age, they know quiet a lot and have seen or heard a lot, whenever they try talking to you don’t assume they are too young to discuss it, tell them the way it is, don’t paint words and say it the way it is, you don’t have to add words that are not it #lies, teens hate it when you lie to them, especially when they find out the truth, be real, be experienced, be practical. Tell them what to expect.
  5. Love them: after they have opened up to you don’t act indifferently towards them, let them see the love.

The Journey Begins

Make good of your  single life

Ur single life is a time for u to make decisions and work on it, a time to discover your potentials, you are free then to serve your God better without restrictions, you are given that single life for it to be maximized and not for you to waste it in getting yourself attached to things that don’t matter.

In your youth, you have the time to create and invent ideas, and not go babysitting when you are not married, or being accountable to somebody that is not even your partner, maximize your youthful age cause you get it only once, don’t attach your self to things, that won’t be productive. Use your youthful age wisely.